Adding a map to your website that shows the location of your store or office makes it very easy and convenient for your customers to find your business.

Using Google Maps and Divi you can easily add directions to your establishment on your Contact page for instance.

Follow these steps to learn how to embed a Google Map on your WordPress site without using any additional third-party plugins or extensions.

Steps to Embed Google Maps, with screenshots

Step 1: Open Google Maps and find the location you want to add.

Step 1 Screenshot: Locate the place on Google Maps

Step 2: Click on the Share button to open the share menu. Select the ‘Embed a map’ tab.

Step 2 Screenshot: Select Embed a map

Step 3: Click on ‘Copy HTML’ to copy the embed code. This is the code we will add to our Divi page.

Ignore the Small, Medium, Large size options, as we will modify this code a bit to adapt to the size of our Divi Module.

Step 3 Screenshot: Copy the HTML Embed Code given by Google Maps

Step 4: Open your Divi page in the Visual Builder, click on the grey + icon to add a Divi Module and choose ‘Code’.

Step 4 Screenshot: Add a Divi Code module to your page.

Step 5: Paste the HTML embed code we got from Google Maps into the text field of the Code Module.

Scroll down in the embed code to find the height and width properties.

Step 5 Screenshot: Add the Maps Embed Code to the Divi Code Module

Step 6: Change the width to 100%, and change the height to a suitable size and save your changes to the code module.

Step 5 Screenshot: Edit the Height and Width properties.

You should now have the Google Maps embedded on your WordPress site using Divi.

Here’s a live example of following the same steps, showing a map to the Vashi station in Navi Mumbai. You can even click on. Directions to open up Goolge Maps’ guided directions

This screenshot shows an example of a practical uage of adding the Maps to a client’s Contact Us form in WordPress:

Screenshot of Contact Us page with Maps.
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